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STLTH Monster Pod Pack - Grape Ice

STLTH Monster Pod Pack - Grape Ice

 STLTH Monster Pod Pack - Grape Ice - Juicy purple grape with a refreshingly cool exhale.

Crafted with precision, these vape pods cater to enthusiasts who relish in intensified flavours reminiscent of popular disposable vaping products. Pushing the boundaries even further, MONSTER Pods incorporate advanced technology to infuse maximum flavour into every puff.

STLTH Monster Pod Pack - Grape Ice Features:

  • Designed for the STLTH Type-C Device
  • Visible E-liquid Design
  • Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Exceptional Flavour Delivery
  • Includes Two 2.0 mL Pods Per Pack 


Q: How does a vertical mesh coil improve the vaping experience versus other pods available in the market?

A: A vertical mesh coil allows for increased airflow and vapour production. The increased heating surface area of the coil allows for more flavour compounds to be released to the user and the wider chimney design maximizes airflow delivery.

Q: Can I see the e-liquid level in the pod?

A: Yes, the e-Liquid is completely visible and allows users to check the level remaining at any time.

Q: How long do I have to wait after the Freshness Rod is removed before vaping?

A: The pod can be used immediately after the Freshness Rod is removed.

Q: How do these pods compare to STLTH Original Pods?

A: The STLTH MONSTER pods are expertly crafted for vapers who enjoy intensified sweetness, similar to popular disposable vaping products.

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